Patriot Promotions provides a myriad of services that connect talented patriots, to those who support them.   

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2015 Evening to Remember with Our American Heroes”:  “Solutions for Change” Charity Gala – Provided talent booking and management of multiple military heroes and speakers, including; Dick Marcinko, Ed Eaton, Craig Sawyer, Clint Bruce.  Activist Taya Kyle, active duty officers and other notable corporate friends and patriots provided in support of this non-profit solving family homeless in N. San Diego County. Event raised over $1 million for ongoing housing and veteran initiatives.

“Patriot Games” at the  IACP Conference – Interactive Laser Tag Event: Provided Special SF guest trainers, ran local law enforcement and event attendees through tactical games.  Turned the gym of the Historic National Guard Armory in Philadelphia into a black lighted maze of good times with Battlefield Mobile.  Thanks to sponsors at High Ground Tactical Gear, Emhke Manufacturing and UAV Solutions.  Note to other event organizers…this place is hard to find!

 “6th Annual Warrior Appreciation Night” (2013) during the week of NSSF SHOT Show in Vegas. Planned and executed two VIP parties and special event, provided non-profits with firearms and mainstream auction items. Collaborated with USPSA for a live and silent auction before and during the event, booked all celebrity appearances, provided major sponsor procurement from the firearms and veteran non-profit industry.  Notably, gained national American Legion as presenting sponsor for the first time in the firearms industry.  Gained over 20 outdoor industry and shooting sports sponsors. Managed and hosted a crowd of over 700 in attendance.

“Warrior Road Trip Network-Base Camp 40” (2012) with Chris Kyle:  Conceptualized and provided talent for filming an Elk Hunt in the Colorado mountains, with combat wounded warriors, including; our most decorated American Sniper, Chris Kyle, 2010 World Champion 3 Gun competitor Tasha Erickson, and others.  Notably, this was last hunt that Chris was on before his murder and told me it was the reason he decided to help his brothers with PTS, through the shooting and hunting sports. He was a true friend and patriot, who will be missed forever.

“Sea of Inspiration with America’s Wounded Warriors” (2012) Conceptualized, planned and directed a production segment for in collaboration with the Navy League of Hawaii.  Filmed inside the 2012 Annual Medal of Honor Society Convention.  Participated and hosted the surfing segment with Medal of Honor recipient, Al Rascone who went surfing for the first time in two decades. Production planned for presentation to HBO as special documentary series that highlights the positive power of the ocean for our combat warriors and their families. Originally planned to be included with the “Brian Kolfage Story”. A documentary on the most wounded airman to date, Brian Kolfage Jr.  Special thanks to Todd at Paradigm SRP for sponsorship. (Check out their badass Talon stabilization unit for mounted weapons at:

WWIAF’s “Hotlanta” (2011)   Conceptualized, planned and directed event with minimum resources for WWIAF. Procured a volunteer film crew for an intimate look at 4 combat wounded warriors connecting with each other through outdoor recreation. Facilitated a range day, Road Atlanta experience and water sports, while house boating on Lake Lanier, Ga.  Footage archived per request of Cpl. Dakota Meyer, as we learned he would receive the Medal of Honor during our trip.  PR outreach with the MOPH’s Chair resulted in 6 figure grant to WWIAF.

(2010-present) Casting and content development for multiple veteran and shooting sports productions, such as; VA’s “Make the Connection” campaign, TopShot, Elephant Warriors, Son’s of Guns and several others featuring veterans in TV & Film. Referred stories, talent and advertising to; Life of Duty, NRA News, 3 Gun Nation, Tac-TV, HotShots, Shooting USA, among others.  Created original productions/show decks and directed sizzles.

EXPERIENCED PR Agent providing crisis management, media relations, internal and external communications for public figures and corporations.  Client list confidential but examples can be discussed with signed NDA. 

Thanks for the memories…


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Sponsors for the Warrior Appreciation Night 2013
Sponsors for the Warrior Appreciation Night 2013




October 29th, 2011

We opened the Point Blank Range (PBR) in beautiful Moorsville, N.C. outside of Charlotte. The event helped to raise much needed funds for “Welcome Home Veterans” who run America’s Most Patriotic Coffee Shop which is a living history museum!  The morning started at Richard’s Coffee Shop where we juiced up on cups of joe and special conversations with WWII Veterans and a bluegrass band made up of local vets that brought me to tears!  Mike and Tim then headed up the RECON Car Rally as Grand Marshall’s riding in a classic military ambulance. (You know, the kind on M.A.S.H. with the big Red Cross on the side.)

Along the route, the drivers stopped at PBR where we were waiting with food and beverages along with the opportunity to meet Mrs. N.C. Jessica Harvey, wife of MLB Chris Harvey, sign up for raffle tickets, check out the many auction items and enjoy tours of this fantastic range and their Patriot Club.  This range has a country club concept and unlike others we know, this one is affordable!

If you get a chance to see this place.  Please don’t hesitate to go in and say hello to Owners Jim and Dave and get a lesson from their expert trainer, Troy. Please tell them I said Hello!


WOUNDED WARRIOR WEEKEND – JULY 2011  With Marine Medal of Honor recipient, Dakota Meyer.

We cannot display this gallery    We spent 5 days lodged at Bald Ridge Marina in Cumming, Ga. aboard a friend’s Lake Lanier houseboat.  Took one full day to race Panoz on the tracks of Road Atlanta and shoot all the automatic firearms we could handle, from my friend Cliff’s shop – the Dixie Ammo Dump.  Needless to say there was some big guys sleeping and drooling like satisfied little babies in their car seats on the way home that day.

Jim Blaylock, Chairman and John Bircher, PR Director from Military Order of Purple Hearts Service Foundation,  took us up on our invitation to witness what fellowship looks like when allowed to blossom in a recreational setting.  This event resulted in a substantial grant increase for the non-profit and most importantly, everyone enjoyed themselves.

We cannot display this gallery

This is JEFF’s story.  When I learned he was using MMA as his coping mechanism for dealing with  PTSI(Post Traumatic Stress Injury)  from combat and was now the only thing getting him out of bed in the morning since his father committed suicide, it was time to make some calls.   Just then…the phone rang.  The result was totally unexpected and what I call a “God thing”.    

A good  “friend and decorated patriot”  called me just after I hung up the phone.  He happened to be driving back home, having attended yet another funeral for a brother in arms.  This friend is a military consultant now for a couple big corps. and when he learned of Jeff’s story, he immediately  hooked us up with all VIP passes for the Jones vs. Evan’s Championship fight in Atlanta that next weekend!  Jeff would get to meet his heroes as they would have all the most popular UFC fighters in attendance!  Having no idea how I would get him there,   I made a couple calls and found people who care to take this war fighter in crisis, on an adventure he would never forget.   Much appreciation goes out to the patriots at Hooters, Soldier Water  and Wounded for helping to make it happen!  

Jeff had the time of his life meeting the UFC stars, but when they learned more about him…the respect was truly mutual.