Jill Trammell has been the cornerstone of a myriad of creative and interesting projects with notable warriors and companies wanting to expand their reach.  

With both an MBA in Organizational Leadership and a Psychology degree, she provides relationship marketing and high level strategic planning based on experience and organizational psych, Lean and PMP trainings.  

Having grown up near Camp Pendleton, Ca. with USMC influence, she continues to maximize opportunities to improve the lives of our nation’s warriors and their families.  

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

Skills & Experience                       “Friends & Patriots” Network

Organizational Leadership                                       Special Forces

Business Development                                              Military & Veteran families

Project Mgmt.                                                              Industry Manufacturers  

Radio and TV Host                                                     Industry Sponsors

Public Relations & Crisis Mgmt.                              Veteran & Military Charities

Blogging & Social Media                                            2nd Amendment Groups & PAC’s

Media Buying                                                                Special Ops & MOH

Website Development                                                 Politicians & Candidates

Online Branding                                                          Veterans & Patriots in TV & Film

Media Relations                                                          “Preppers” & Militia Groups

Production Content                                                     Industry Writers & Bloggers

Talent Management                                                    Professional Shooters & Sponsors

Special Event Planning                                               Firearms Industry Leaders

Tactical Interactive Events                                         Corporate Leaders

Adventure Trips                                                            Military Leadership

Warrior Retreats & Recreation                                 Ranges & Air Soft Companies

Firearms Talent Sponsorships                                   Tactical Trainers & Ranges

Live Promotions                                                            MMA Legends/Trainers