We are proud sponsors of the 2015 Annual SniperFest !

APRIL 13-15, 2015 PEORIA, AZ PRESENTED BY Tacflow Academy Attendance is open to active Law Enforcement, Military, and Corrections. SNIPERFEST, now in its fifth year, started out as only an idea but has grown into one of the premier sniper training events in the country. Instructors and Students come in from all over the country to train and compete. Deputy Michael Puente from MCSO, (TACFLOW Lead Instructor and newly appointed Co-Chair to the ATOA Sniper SME Committee) has been the driving force behind the scenes. Sponsorship opportunities are available for companies and individuals who would like to join our mission to give back by providing high level training to our service men and women at a low cost, while also promoting you business. HOSTED BY Arizona Tactical Officers Association SPONSORED BY CowTown Range Arizona Pain Pod – North America with Patriot Promotions, LLC. Pro Mag Archangel Tango Down Point Blank Body Armor Surgeon Rifles Daimondback Police Supply Co. Inc Targets […]

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In the News: Friends and Patriots – ‘Normal people with a crazy story’

‘Normal people with a crazy story’ Wednesday, April 01, 2015 9:17 PM SANDESTIN — When Brian Kolfage and his family venture out to eat in a local restaurant, one of two things usually happens. Scenario one: Moved by the sight of the handsome young man with the prosthetic legs and arm, an anonymous diner will pick up his bill out of gratitude for his service. Scenario two: Awed and perhaps a little uncomfortable, people will hesitate to speak to the family. VIDEO: See an interview with Brian Kolfage “I guess people are worried about intruding, and they don’t quite know how to act around us,” Kolfage said. “But the truth is, we’re just a normal family with a crazy story.” That crazy story began a decade ago at Balad Air Base in Iraq, where the then-22 year old Kolfage was a senior airman on his second tour of duty. On Sept. 11, 2004, he was severely injured when a 107mm […]

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