WE have an opportunity to support a tip of the spear veteran owned business looking for investors to assist in the deployment of a new non-toxic solution to the marketplace.  Also interested placing product and deployment system, logistics and strategies into mission specific opportunities. If you or someone you know can assist, please contact us.  Here’s what the public needs to know about hemorrhagic fever and its ability to go airborne/viral. With the inconsistencies being reported by all kinds of “experts”, lets look at some of the facts…… Is Ebola an airborne viral threat? Fact: Hemorrhagic fever viruses enter the bloodstream through various mechanisms (eg, the bite of a mosquito or tick, inhalation, mucous membrane exposure, parenteral exposure), and all (except hantaviruses) cause disease during the period of viremia. (Check this source! http://www.cidrap.umn.edu/infectious-disease-topics/vhf#overview) Fact: There is a NON TOXIC EPA approved product (safe enough to decontaminate baby pacifiers) that has been slightly modified with natural ingredients to be able to […]