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Video: Quickly Educate Yourself on the Syria/ISIS/Russia/USAllied/ War


“As more outside groups get involved in the war, each escalates by backing their side, then a rival will also get involved to back the other side. So what you have is not just the Syrian factions escalating, but regional and global powers escalating as well, thus worsening the war and entrenching Syria’s divisions.

You’ll also see that the countries getting involved don’t always have the same objectives, and can end up working against even their allies. When Gulf states begin funding Syria’s rebels, for example, they are mostly seeking to topple Assad and set back his patron, Iran, so they often fund extremists, believing they’re better fighters. And different Gulf states fund different groups — at first Qatar is the most active, then Saudi Arabia — that are sometimes at odds with one another. And so on. These internal contradictions are an important part of understand how the war has gotten so bad.”

“For more, read the brief history of Syria’s war, from the rise of the opposition to the refugee crisis to why the US and Russia ended up intervening.”

If you aren’t learning about this yet, you need to be.


Flashback VIDEO! Jill surfing with CMOH Al Rascone in Hawaii

Like me, CMOH recipient Al Rascone, used to skip school to go surfing in So.Cal! I was absolutely honored to get him on a board again for the first time in 41 years! Produced by Ray Hollowell for the “Sea of Inspiration” TV series, we captured him reconnecting with the ocean in Hawaii during the 2012 CMOH Convention. His wife Carol was a natural! Even with some of the flattest surf I have ever seen, pins and bullet holes through his body, this legendary warrior had a blast and found a bit of his youth. This is why I do what I do!

Video: 9th Annual Freedom Fighters Open – Nov. 6, 2015

Video: Supporting Operation Santa, serving Georgia's deployed Army troops and Ranger families at Christmastime.

We got out and about to visit friends and patriots at the 9th Annual Freedom Fighters Open at the BridgeMill Athletic Club in Canton, Ga. Nov. 6th. Sponsored by VFW Post 12002, it was a great event to benefit Operation Santa. Serving Georgia’s deployed Army troops and Ranger families, with needs during the Christmas holiday. Great to see “Mad Max” Mullen out supporting, along with other notable Rangers like Brigadier Gen. (RET) Joe Stringham. Enjoyed golfing, skydiving demos, gun, gear and product raffles. Check out the quick video re-cap and support it next year! www.FreedomFightersOpen.org

Slots available for Special Ops Family Camp!

We still have slots available for our Special Ops parent/teen camp to be held March 27-30, 2015 in Kentucky at Mammoth Cave.  It will be an INCREDIBLE adventure that will include extreme ziplining, canoeing and caving adventures that will help Special Ops families build memories and make new friendships that will last a lifetime.Please share this flyer with Special Ops families and tell them it’s not too late to sign up. The camp is service member parents and their teenage children to attend together, but spouse/partner of service member can come with or in place of service member to this camp.The camp is open to Special Forces families from any state and any military branch. Families who would like to sign up can contact Kelly Ulm, camp coordinator, at Kelly@LifeAdventureCenter.org to get the code to sign up for this camp (thiscamp is not visible on our public website for the camp grant at http://www.lifeadventurecenter.org/military.html).We will have 12 more camp offerings between June 2015 and April 2016 including THREE camps designed specifically for Special Ops families, so tell them to visit this link regularly to see all the camp opportunities we will be offering!Thanks so much for helping us spread the word and get families signed up for this fantastic opportunity.

ISIS threats simply a diversion from the beat down they’re receiving abroad.

As if our military at home didn’t have enough to deal with, the ongoing terrorist threats to harm US Service members continues to escalate.  Months ago, SOCOM alerted families of the threats made to murder them on the homefront from embedded ISIS supporters.  That did not deter most of the families from carrying out their online lives as usual.  However, the latest posting of military families names, locations and personal information took it a step further.  While our military families are used to the risks involved in being a soldier for American idealism, the game ISIS is playing is simply diverting press from the attacks on them abroad.

See the latest news reports curated at Yahoo:



Charleston Polo Classic for NSW Kids: April 19, 2015

Charleston Polo for NSW kids Learn more here!


My Experience: In Memory of Chief Chris Kyle, Friend and Hero

Colorodo Elk Hunting Trip with wounded vets

 Feb. 2nd will be marked on my heart forever.

I had the honor of knowing Chris Kyle and calling him a friend.

We met at SHOT Show in the Outdoor Channel office and I simply wanted to shake his hand and tell him “Thank You for your service”.   He invited me and a couple friends to attend a VIP party where we got to talk some more.  I am very intuitive about those who aren’t comfortable saying what they actually need to transition well, especially warriors.  I also tend to ask a lot of questions.   I was able to learn more about what was going on with his business and what his hopes and dreams were.  As I do for any warrior that I have worked with, I offered some ideas and told him I’d let him know if I found anything that he might like to do.  I knew this much, the man needed a vacation with other warriors… and he liked to hunt.

Shortly before he and Chad Littlefield were murdered, I had an opportunity to arrange for him to go on an Elk hunt in Colorado, with combat wounded warriors (pictured above).   When he returned, he wrote me saying what a great time he had, thanked me for making it happen and asked;

“How can a washed up old sniper like me do this for a living?”

Like most returning warriors, he needed to be in service to others and was a natural leader to those whose experience he could also understand.  It made him feel alive.

Chris was always humble and gracious.  I laughed, knowing that with my experience in non-profit start ups, a network of patriots who give selflessly to veteran causes and the endless supply of warriors needing this kind of connection, Chris could finally do exactly what he wanted and be very successful with it!  He was never looking for money or fame, he simply wanted to live out his days as an inspiration to his brothers, as they were truly an inspiration to him.

I began the market research, as well as, sending opportunities for licensing deals his way to help keep some money coming in and PR going out.   Often, the hardest person to promote is yourself, especially when you are part of a Special Ops community because you are opening yourself up to criticism for doing so.  As humble a warrior as he was, he would never self-promote.  He wouldn’t even take a cut of his book.  He gave the proceeds to the families of those who lost their lives in the SEAL community.

The sky was the limit for our partnership and a new day of hope had begun for both of us, I believe.  I was confident that he found what he truly wanted to do and could support his family while doing it.  Having the opportunity to work with him, even if only for a short time, was one of the great honors of my career.  I’ve heard people say that his family saw a difference in him, after that experience.  I am glad I made a positive impact on their lives while he was still with them.  That is all we can hope to do for those who have sacrificed so much in service to us.  Never forget that the families sacrifice as well!

When I learned of his murder, it was if a wave had crashed down on everything I thought was right in the world at the time.  It was so senseless, unexpected in his own backyard, yet we had talked about security and watching his back.  He would always be the “Devil of Ramadi” with a bounty on his head.   Chris didn’t let that stop him from living and moving about, enjoying life out of the sandbox, as he rightfully should.   While he still had a hard time trusting people in general, he also walked around with a sense of safety being on his home land, especially in Texas and with other veterans.

I attended the memorial with his BUDS roommate, along with the friends and family thanks to generous people who made sure we both were able to go on such short notice.  We were among true patriots such as; Sarah Palin, Dean Cane, Randy Travis and many other notable folks.  There was a ‘sea of SEAL’s he had come to know on his life’s journey and in ritual respect and mourning, laid their tridents on his casket (as pictured). It was heartbreaking to see so many, so hurt.Chris' casket w tridents

The elephant in the arena that day was the total disrespect from the Obama Administration.    Their lack of attendance and simple acknowledgement of our country’s loss was disgusting.  Especially noted by those of us who saw that they showed up to the funeral of a little girl killed by gunfire in Chicago, shortly thereafter.  Not that an inner city child didn’t deserve the respect, but it was seemingly a slap in the face to those who expected someone, ANYONE from the White House at Chris’ memorial.   It appeared very purposeful and I believe they disliked Chris because of his 2nd Amendment support, large veteran and civilian following and his books.  He was a threat to their agenda, plain and simple.  It still angers me to think about it.

There are some first hand accounts of his memorial floating around from other attendees which are factually correct. Rather than reiterate their stories, I’ve posted the best on my website and have added my experience here.  The Patriotism that was displayed that day by those who attended was awesome. Especially the Patriot Guard armed with tall flags, surrounding the stadium, both inside and out.  There was apparently a Westboro showing, but they were run off immediately. I can only imagine the aggressiveness that was shown by these amazing patriots to keep the memorial scum-free.

The streets were lined with people who came out with signs of condolence and support. They stood in the rain to pay their respects as we drove to his final resting place from Dallas to Austin. There were mothers with children (likely taken out of school that day), disabled veterans and elderly in wheelchairs, and everyone in between.  It was a picture of HOPE that American idealism and Patriotism is not dead. The press (less Texas) portrayed the opposite by their lack of coverage on the true events of that day.  However, those who were there know that we are still a country of Patriots with ideals and powers that are higher then ourselves we answer to.   Unity and love poured out for our country and its fallen hero.  It moved me more than anything I have ever seen and keeps me in the fight for what is right, to this day.  I know this much…

The Jihadists currently threatening to kill our military families or anyone else for that matter, won’t want to see what that looks like if they try to mess with them in person.  The shear number of civilian patriots who support veterans are totally underestimated!  Anyone threatening their community must realize that they have at minimum, at least 60-100 others to stand behind each of them and we are growing every day, thanks to this movie and our combined efforts.  With a community of at least 2% of our population, that’s quite a force to be reckoned with! 

It is my calling to help unite those of like mind and network for good. Chris would have wanted that for me and for our country. Whatever we can do, we MUST do. If we cannot DO something then we must GIVE something, to someone who can. There is a lot to be done and we cannot sit silently in fear that something will happen if we do.

Our time is short and their deaths must not be in vain. CHRIS & CHAD – WE WILL NOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT!

Join us:  contact@patriotpromotions.us   Our mission is to UNITE in business, action and deed to help those who served to thrive… not simply survive!


Spec Ops: Contracting Opportunities

Contracting opportunities: links and connections

Invest in the Ebola Solution. Non-toxic new product deployment by veterans.

New non-toxic solution that kills Ebola needs investors to go to market. Needed for Spec.Ops applications and more.

WE have an opportunity to support a tip of the spear veteran owned business looking for investors to assist in the deployment of a new non-toxic solution to the marketplace.  Also interested placing product and deployment system, logistics and strategies into mission specific opportunities.

If you or someone you know can assist, please contact us.  Here’s what the public needs to know about hemorrhagic fever and its ability to go airborne/viral.

With the inconsistencies being reported by all kinds of “experts”, lets look at some of the facts……

Is Ebola an airborne viral threat?

Fact: Hemorrhagic fever viruses enter the bloodstream through various mechanisms (eg, the bite of a mosquito or tick, inhalation, mucous membrane exposure, parenteral exposure), and all (except hantaviruses) cause disease during the period of viremia. (Check this source! http://www.cidrap.umn.edu/infectious-disease-topics/vhf#overview)
Fact: There is a NON TOXIC EPA approved product (safe enough to decontaminate baby pacifiers) that has been slightly modified with natural ingredients to be able to FOG mass vectors of areas, safely…with people inhaling the product with beneficial results! It kills 99.9% of the virus types and will kill Ebola!
Fact: Getting through the government bureaucracy to get it to the people…nightmare.
Fact: CDC states solution to Ebola outbreak is more of the same…isolate carriers, track down exposed, isolate those with symptoms.
Fact: CDC’s Dr. Freidan says solution for healthcare exposure is more training and government oversight with a federal employee in every hospital to manage exposures.
Fact: That is more of our taxpayer dollars at waste!
Fact: This product needs to be taken seriously, tested quickly and mass distributed in the US and used immediately with our troops entering W. Africa to contain vectors of exposure…fight the Boko Haram and keep President Jonathon in office.
Fact: Oil companies are pulling their people of their rigs in that area of the world, airline companies want to suspend flights, people who are exposed need containment solutions immediately.
Big Pharma wants to provide the solution….more vaccinations!
Retired 10th Group Spec. Ops Col. saw the need for its use in anti-terrorism and worked with chemists to stabilize the solution to have a shelf life of up to 6 years. It can be distributed through the fogging system, wipes, sprays or in “bug bomb” type canisters. There has been talk with Dallas schools transportation, Major US commercial airlines and the need for immediate investors is imminent. If you or someone you know can help bring this to the attention of people who care, please contact us to connect.
Email: contact@patriotpromotions.us
EPA has already approved it for other use and with someone taking the lead to use it (Dallas schools saw it, asked for a bid…no response since..interesting huh? However, now a major US airline is looking at it…) it will prove successful! I’m behind this former 10th group Col. who saw the need for it in counter terrorism, worked with a chemist to stabilize it for a 6 year shelf life and reached out to me for investors to help him get their team to W. Africa where they have partnered with a milk plant to mass produce it. We know the need here is NOW and I’m confident someone will step up. Then he can head to the armpit of the world and save some lives to prove the rest! The political implications for W. Africa is very important so that Pres. Jonathon can overcome the terror groups who control much of the territories now and win the election in Jan. Without him, highly likely that the whole country will be ruled by these violent thugs and we can expect them to pass it onto us just for the fun of it. Not to mention the oil companies are in a panic over the entire situation. Most popular drug in W. Africa right now? One that reduces your fever so you can move through customs and travel! YEP…ITS COMING FOLKS!

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