Invest in the Ebola Solution. Non-toxic new product deployment by veterans.

WE have an opportunity to support a tip of the spear veteran owned business looking for investors to assist in the deployment of a new non-toxic solution to the marketplace.  Also interested placing product and deployment system, logistics and strategies into mission specific opportunities.

If you or someone you know can assist, please contact us.  Here’s what the public needs to know about hemorrhagic fever and its ability to go airborne/viral.

With the inconsistencies being reported by all kinds of “experts”, lets look at some of the facts……

Is Ebola an airborne viral threat?

Fact: Hemorrhagic fever viruses enter the bloodstream through various mechanisms (eg, the bite of a mosquito or tick, inhalation, mucous membrane exposure, parenteral exposure), and all (except hantaviruses) cause disease during the period of viremia. (Check this source!
Fact: There is a NON TOXIC EPA approved product (safe enough to decontaminate baby pacifiers) that has been slightly modified with natural ingredients to be able to FOG mass vectors of areas, safely…with people inhaling the product with beneficial results! It kills 99.9% of the virus types and will kill Ebola!
Fact: Getting through the government bureaucracy to get it to the people…nightmare.
Fact: CDC states solution to Ebola outbreak is more of the same…isolate carriers, track down exposed, isolate those with symptoms.
Fact: CDC’s Dr. Freidan says solution for healthcare exposure is more training and government oversight with a federal employee in every hospital to manage exposures.
Fact: That is more of our taxpayer dollars at waste!
Fact: This product needs to be taken seriously, tested quickly and mass distributed in the US and used immediately with our troops entering W. Africa to contain vectors of exposure…fight the Boko Haram and keep President Jonathon in office.
Fact: Oil companies are pulling their people of their rigs in that area of the world, airline companies want to suspend flights, people who are exposed need containment solutions immediately.
Big Pharma wants to provide the solution….more vaccinations!
Retired 10th Group Spec. Ops Col. saw the need for its use in anti-terrorism and worked with chemists to stabilize the solution to have a shelf life of up to 6 years. It can be distributed through the fogging system, wipes, sprays or in “bug bomb” type canisters. There has been talk with Dallas schools transportation, Major US commercial airlines and the need for immediate investors is imminent. If you or someone you know can help bring this to the attention of people who care, please contact us to connect.
EPA has already approved it for other use and with someone taking the lead to use it (Dallas schools saw it, asked for a bid…no response since..interesting huh? However, now a major US airline is looking at it…) it will prove successful! I’m behind this former 10th group Col. who saw the need for it in counter terrorism, worked with a chemist to stabilize it for a 6 year shelf life and reached out to me for investors to help him get their team to W. Africa where they have partnered with a milk plant to mass produce it. We know the need here is NOW and I’m confident someone will step up. Then he can head to the armpit of the world and save some lives to prove the rest! The political implications for W. Africa is very important so that Pres. Jonathon can overcome the terror groups who control much of the territories now and win the election in Jan. Without him, highly likely that the whole country will be ruled by these violent thugs and we can expect them to pass it onto us just for the fun of it. Not to mention the oil companies are in a panic over the entire situation. Most popular drug in W. Africa right now? One that reduces your fever so you can move through customs and travel! YEP…ITS COMING FOLKS!

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