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Slots available for Special Ops Family Camp!

We still have slots available for our Special Ops parent/teen camp to be held March 27-30, 2015 in Kentucky at Mammoth Cave.  It will be an INCREDIBLE adventure that will include extreme ziplining, canoeing and caving adventures that will help Special Ops families build memories and make new friendships that will last a lifetime.Please share this flyer with Special Ops families and tell them it’s not too late to sign up. The camp is service member parents and their teenage children to attend together, but spouse/partner of service member can come with or in place of service member to this camp.The camp is open to Special Forces families from any state and any military branch. Families who would like to sign up can contact Kelly Ulm, camp coordinator, at Kelly@LifeAdventureCenter.org to get the code to sign up for this camp (thiscamp is not visible on our public website for the camp grant at http://www.lifeadventurecenter.org/military.html).We will have 12 more camp offerings between June 2015 and April 2016 including THREE camps designed specifically for Special Ops families, so tell them to visit this link regularly to see all the camp opportunities we will be offering!Thanks so much for helping us spread the word and get families signed up for this fantastic opportunity.

Shooting Sports News: Team Parsons wins again!


2015 Ayden Parsons WC win Father and son team, Heath and Ayden Parsons finished the year strong in  2014 and have started 2015 off right!

2015 Heath Parsons WC win

2 weekends ago Ayden and Heath both won big!  Heath  took 1st place overall in the 2015 American Action  Shooting National Shoot-off Championship.  Ayden  followed big daddy and won the junior national title  there, as well!

This past weekend, Ayden won the US Steel National  Junior pre-teen title in both the Open and Rimfire  division for the second year in row.

If you want to team up with the Parson’s to sponsor their ongoing action pistol and 3-gun tour, please let us know and we’ll connect you.

ISIS threats simply a diversion from the beat down they’re receiving abroad.

As if our military at home didn’t have enough to deal with, the ongoing terrorist threats to harm US Service members continues to escalate.  Months ago, SOCOM alerted families of the threats made to murder them on the homefront from embedded ISIS supporters.  That did not deter most of the families from carrying out their online lives as usual.  However, the latest posting of military families names, locations and personal information took it a step further.  While our military families are used to the risks involved in being a soldier for American idealism, the game ISIS is playing is simply diverting press from the attacks on them abroad.

See the latest news reports curated at Yahoo:



The most wounded airman in history needs your help, now!

The most wounded airman in history, needs your help, now!
Sr. Airman, Brian Kolfage, Jr. and his family have been blessed with a smart home from the Gary Sinise foundation’s “RISE” initiative.
As part of the program, they must have the land paid for and have found a location in Florida where they can live out their lives in a home that will empower Brian, Ashley and their family with equipment and accessibility they could only dream of.
Brian does so much for the warrior community, don’t you think its time we give him what he needs?!
To donate directly: www.gofundme.com/GarySinise  or contact us on the form below the video.

Message Successfully Sent!  Thank you for helping our wounded heroes and their families!
Patriot Promotions, LLC. 239-273-4783

‘Normal people with a crazy story’ (VIDEO)

Wednesday, April 01, 2015 9:17 PM

SANDESTIN — When Brian Kolfage and his family venture out to eat in a local restaurant, one of two things usually happens.
Scenario one: Moved by the sight of the handsome young man with the prosthetic legs and arm, an anonymous diner will pick up his bill out of gratitude for his service.

Scenario two: Awed and perhaps a little uncomfortable, people will hesitate to speak to the family.

VIDEO: See an interview with Brian Kolfage

“I guess people are worried about intruding, and they don’t quite know how to act around us,” Kolfage said. “But the truth is, we’re just a normal family with a crazy story.”

That crazy story began a decade ago at Balad Air Base in Iraq, where the then-22 year old Kolfage was a senior airman on his second tour of duty.

On Sept. 11, 2004, he was severely injured when a 107mm rocket exploded just a few feet from where he stood.

“My friends came running out of the tent and surrounded me,” he recalled. “I was conscious, but I wasn’t really feeling any pain. I could smell smoke, and I could see that my right arm had been blown off. I couldn’t sit up enough to see my legs, and when I tried, one of my friends covered my eyes. He didn’t want me to see that my legs were gone.”

Fortunately, Balad’s hospital was located just a minute from where Kolfage lay bleeding. Medics arrived and rushed him into the emergency room, where doctors frantically attempted to stop his bleeding.

“I would have been dead if the hospital hadn’t been so close,” Kolfage said.

During his recovery, Kolfage came to realize that despite the severity of his injuries, he could still count his blessings.

“When I was younger, if you had told me that I might lose my arm and legs, I’d say I’d rather be dead,” he said. “But then I would see guys with terrible brain injuries – so bad that they didn’t even know their own family. I realized that I was lucky just to lose my limbs. I can still do things. I just have to learn to do them in a different way.”

After leaving the hospital just 11 months after he was wounded, Kolfage began the next chapter in his life. He married his wife, Ashley, four years ago. The couple have an 18-month-old daughter, Paris, and are expecting a baby in September.

With his growing family in mind, Kolfage recently decided to reconsider an offer made to him by actor Gary Sinise, whose foundation builds state-of-the-art homes for wounded warriors.

“Back then, I didn’t think I needed a house,” he said. “But with kids now, I realize that I need more space. Gary told me to decide where I wanted to live, and then we would work together to build the house.”

After visiting several parts of Florida, the couple decided on the Sandestin community. They are currently renting a small home there, but have found a lot where they would love to build their dream home.

“It’s just perfect for us,” Ashley Kolfage said. “Everything is so convenient. Brian can just get in a golf cart and go to the beach or take Paris to one of the parks.”


While the Gary Sinise Foundation will pay for the cost of building a home as well as part of the cost of a lot, the foundation will not allow the Brian and Ashley Kolfage to go into debt to pay for the balance due on the land.

They are hoping to raise about $100,000 to make their dream of a permanent, handicapped-accessible home come true.

Charleston Polo Classic for NSW Kids: April 19, 2015

Charleston Polo for NSW kids Learn more here!


Open Debates 2016: Be a part of the solution!

728x90banner contact PPRead our letter on the history and progress of Open Debates.  Learn how you can get involved!

Sporting Clubs/Resort Investment Scheme Uncovered

My favorite place on the planet  is in the Turks and Caicos, on the small island Caye Caulker, located next to the larger, Ambergris Cay.  The region is known for its amazing sea life, scuba diving, atolls and incredible natural beauty. This heavenly place has a relaxed vibe and island life that you will never want to leave.  I’ve always wanted to own property here and while picturing my dream retirement, I came upon this information that might also be relevant to those in the US involved in their other properties.Ambergris Cay

I’ve just learned that the Ambergris island developers, (currently featured on AWE Private Islands series) DPS  is having the plug pulled by the Caribbean Bank, BCB on what is described as  1 Billion dollar real estate scheme.  The Company and it’s private investors creates private five-star sporting communities on historic and unique properties around the Turks and Caicos region.  They also have developed sites on the mainland that you may know!

Heads up to those involved with any of these sites including the Greenbrier Sporting Club in West Virginia, Snake River Sporting Club in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Ford Plantation in Georgia and Deep Water Cay Club on Grand Bahama Island.  

Full Story from Turks and Caicos Today,  March 7, 2015:  

AMBERGRIS Cay workers are out on their ear after the luxury residential development was plunged into receivership – the latest in a trio of schemes to apparently have the plug pulled by British Caribbean Bank (BCB).

All operations on the tiny island have been suspended and all but a handful of security and maintenance staff sent packing.
One employee told the Weekly News that foreign workers had been given paid flights home.
Nine firms associated with the exclusive $1bn scheme – once dubbed the Hamptons of the TCI – have been placed in the hands of Provo-based receiver Dean Charles Boyce.
The move comes four months after the collapse of Johnston International. The construction giant went into official liquidation in September, three months after employees were locked out of their headquarters by BCB.
And in September 2009, BCB was appointed receiver to the fallen Nikki Beach resort. BCB chief Lord Michael Ashcroft has long denied any involvement with the controversial South Beach-style hotel, despite contradictions by its developers.

The Turks & Caicos Sporting Club opened on 1,100 acre Ambergris Cay in 2008, selling home sites for up to $6.5m.
The previously uninhabited island, 50 miles from Providenciales, was to eventually feature 350 private family homes with all the amenities of a five-star resort. Only a handful were ever constructed.
In November 2008, 34 workers were given the boot following a slump in sales.
The tiny cay is home to the region’s longest private airstrip which allowed international visitors to fly there directly without having to clear immigration in Providenciales.
The 5,700-foot runway is also currently closed.
In addition, the island features a spa and fitness centre, environmental learning centre, bar and restaurant.
Ambergris Cay was bought by Canadian businessman Henry Mensen in 1995. Mensen helped lead the Sporting Club project along with local luminary Harold Charles. The airport was named in former SkyKing chief Charles’s honour.
The pair were bought out in March 2008 by developers DPS TCI Ltd and some private investors.
DPS bosses Peter Pollak and Steve Schram were granted Belongership status by ex Premier Michael Misick after investing millions in infrastructure into the scheme.
DPS creates private five-star sporting communities on historic and unique properties around the region.
Other sites include the Greenbrier Sporting Club in West Virginia, Snake River Sporting Club in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Ford Plantation in Georgia and Deep Water Cay Club on Grand Bahama Island.

In May this year, Pollak spoke of sales in recent months of almost $20m. And just last month, in a website posting, bosses spoke of their excitement at opening for another high season.
A notice from BCB confirmed the appointment of a receiver had been made by the bank as a lender, and as agent and security trustee for the lenders on November 11.
BCB managing director Andrew Ashcroft declined to comment.

By Gemma Handy

Illogical .223 ban won't go without a court battle, thanks to SAF.

Writing for SAF, general counsel Miko Tempski tells Jones, “This proposal is just an attempt to limit firearms rights because the President’s other such attempts have been blocked through constitutional checks and balances on his power.

SAF Authorizes Court Action If .223  Ammo Ban Is Implemented

BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation has authorized court action if the proposed ban on .223-caliber ammunition is implemented by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the foundation’s general counsel has warned in a letter to BATFE Director B. Todd Jones.

Writing for SAF, general counsel Miko Tempski tells Jones, “This proposal is just an attempt to limit firearms rights because the President’s other such attempts have been blocked through constitutional checks and balances on his power.

“Should the BATFE lawlessly proceed on this path,” Tempski warns, “SAF intends to call on those checks and balances to stop the Administration’s executive overreach again.”

Tempski’s three-page letter dissects the BATFE proposal, noting repeatedly that M855 ammunition at the center of this controversy “is not armor piercing pursuant to the definition in the statute.” The federal provisions requires that a cartridge fire a “full jacketed projectile large than .22-caliber designed and intended for use in a handgun…,” or to otherwise be fit for use in a handgun and have a core “entirely constructed” form a specific list of non-lead metals to be prohibited.

Tempski explained that the M855 round does not meet either of these criteria. He said the first definition, “fails immediately as the 5.56 x 45 mm round is not designed and intended for use in a handgun,” and he questioned the ATF’s honesty with regard to the second definition, noting that a “small tip of steel making up less than 1/6th of the projectile cannot be used to claim the bullet or its core are “entirely” steel.

“The proposed framework,” he writes, “intends to define the intended purpose of ammunition based on the availability of certain types of handguns made for it. Such a circular definition is highly illogical in any context.”

The comment period remains open through March 16. People may submit comments to:

Fax: (202) 648-9741.

Mail: Denise Brown, Mailstop 6N-602, Office of Regulatory Affairs, Enforcement Programs and Services, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, 99 New York Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20226: ATTN: AP Ammo Comments.

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